Diversität in der Linguistik e.V. | Association for Diversity in Linguistics

The Association for Diversity in Linguistics was founded with the aim of promoting diversity within linguistics. Diversity here is understood as the promotion of diverse perspectives and points of view in linguistics, and as diversity among those who practice linguistics.

I am president of the association since its founding in October 2021. The Forensic Linguistics Short Course – a summer school I co-organise – and the Statistics for Linguistics workshop – a workshop on statistics I co-teach – are now part of the association.

Cognitive Science Society
January 2023 – Present

Association for Laboratory Phonology
May 2020 – Present

FörderLink e.V.
Jul 2019 – Present

Cologne Center for Gender Studies GeStiK
Jun 2016 – Present

International Phonetic Association IPA
Jan 2016 – Present

Cologne Center of Language Sciences CCLS
Sep 2015 – Present

Student Council for Linguistics and Phonetics
Oct 2015 – Oct 2018: Member
Nov 2018 – Aug 2022: Advisory Member

Linguistic Society of America
June 2021 – June 2022

Data Center for the Humanities DCH
Jul 2018 – Mar 2019
Advisory Council